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I paint because I can and because I cannot do without!  To me, it’s the intoxicating process of transforming an empty surface into a vivid representation of the world around me.  It’s very often an overflow of emotions catalyzed by my life experiences.  It’s catharsis, and nothing has ever come close and I believe that what flows through a painting, is the artist’s blood.   

I paint, therefore I am!  My art is not what I see, but what I would like to see.  Sometimes a painting takes shape because I let my thoughts wander and I try to depict what I see with an artist’s eye.  At other times, I let myself stroll down memory lane to paint scenes that fade in and out. Like most artists, I find a lot of joy in doing quick sketches.  Often the spontaneity of a quick and careless sketch is more enjoyable than a carefully planned finished painting.  Art or life, the pleasure is manyfold when one’s carefree!