April Snow

Step 1 :

Wet the entire sky area and drop in the cloud shapes while the paper is damp. Leave it to dry.

Step 2 :

Once the paper is bone dry, rewet the area above the horizon line using a clean damp brush. Drop in thick mixes of yellows, browns and blues to depict background trees. Allow the paint to mix on paper.

Step 3 :

Paint the large background tree using green and yellow mixes. Aim for as few details as possible.

Step 4 :

Paint the roof and the shadow side of the log cabin. The snow on the roof is unpainted paper.

Step 5 :

Work on the details on the cabin and the foreground.

Step 6 :

Add foreground shadows and some fence posts.

The finished painting.

Sujit Sudhi
About the Author:
Artist. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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