April Snow

Step 1 : Wet the entire sky area and drop in the cloud shapes while the paper is damp. Leave it to dry. Step 2 : Once the paper is bone dry, rewet the area […]

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Waves at sundown

Step 1 : Wet the entire paper and use yellow paint to lay the sky wash. While the wash is wet, drop some darks for the clouds. Step 2 : Paint the distant hills using […]

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The view from top

Step 1 : Wet the entire paper except the part where the river flows. Drop in the local colour. Step 2 : Paint the distant mountains. While the wash is wet drop in some darks […]

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Spring greens

Step 1 : Wet the entire paper (leaving the ‘white areas’ dry and drop in the local colour. Step 2 While the first wash is wet, paint in the background tree line keeping in mind […]

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Countryside Mansion

Step 1 : Since I like to always start with the point of interest I decided to work on the mansion first. I mix fairly thick washes of Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson separately on […]

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Deep in the woods

Step 1 : This painting was done on Saunders Waterford cold pressed paper but you are free to use your favourite brands of paper, paints and brushes. I used a 2B pencil to draw the main shapes. Notice […]

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