The view from top

Step 1 :

Wet the entire paper except the part where the river flows. Drop in the local colour.

Step 2 :

Paint the distant mountains. While the wash is wet drop in some darks to indicate trees.

Step 3 :

Rewet the area below the horizon line and paint in the tree lines.

Step 4 :

Wet the entire area to the right of the river and add more trees varying he colour, sizes and shapes.

Step 5 :

Wet the are to the left of the right river bank. Add trees and reflections.

Step 6 :

Add some details to the trees.

Step 7 :

Strengthen the water area in the immediate foreground with a yellow/blue variegated wash.

The finished painting.

Sujit Sudhi
About the Author:
Artist. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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