Waves at sundown

Step 1 :

Wet the entire paper and use yellow paint to lay the sky wash. While the wash is wet, drop some darks for the clouds.

Step 2 :

Paint the distant hills using a pale blue/brown wash. Pre-wet the bottom to create lost edges.

Step 3 :

Paint the middle ground hills using various mixtures of yellow, blue and brown. Like in the previous step, pre-wet the bottom edge.

Step 4 :

Wet the bottom area of the sky and drop in a pale mix of blue and brown to depict clouds.

Step 5 :

Wet the area below the horizon and paint the waves using a blue/brown mix. Paint the fishing boat in the distant horizon.

Step 6 :

Paint the shadow side of the middle ground mountains using a dark mix.

Step 7 :

Add details to the cliff using a thick dark mix and a rigger brush.

Step 8 :

Finally, paint a few birds around the fishing boat.

The finished painting.

Sujit Sudhi
About the Author:
Artist. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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